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About Us

                    Personalized Approach

With hands-on mentoring, we are bringing real-life application of Biblical Principles to everyday life. While going through life, Jesus sent the Disciples out 2-by-2, so we've reflected that by letting those who are in YCP, pair up with a mentor in the field of employment the participant wants to go.

  Excellence and Professionalism 

Teaching how to set a good first impression, is often based in our identity and confidence in our God-given abilities. YCP teaches those from the inner city communities how their character will determine their behavior and, also their success. "Boardroom Meetings" create a professional environment, where we focus on professionalism, and hear what entrepreneurs and business professionals, have to say.

  Fighting the Stigma Of Society

Young Christian Professionals is fighting against the stigma of society, that writes of those from troubled and challenging backgrounds. We're doing that by showing a broken generation the love of Christ, and helping heal their wounds so they can love again. Not only will they love again, but they will be dispatched into communities where they can help those who walk down similar paths, by developing businesses in the community to bring productivity to their sphere of influence.

We Focus On Relationships Too

YCP offers Y.O.U.R. Relationship Course, training for building and maintaining a Godly family and relationship.

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