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With your help we plan on reaching over 600,000 people with the most powerful weapon known to man - LOVE, Christ-like love! Together we have already reached reached 1,000 souls with the Gospel and have entered 100 + people into Discipleship Relationships. 

With our Discipleship App, we provide all YCP Members with a place to fellowship, pray with one another, and have resources available on discipleship, RIGHT AT THEIR FINGERTIPS!

Our Disciple - Maker Training is equipping men and women to be confident in Christ, working with transitioning citizens, and effectively discipling them! We do this remotely, because of your donations!

YCP is providing 2 - Day workshops for churches to create environments where those transitioning home are not only welcomed, but empowered to be be the Godly Leaders they have been developed and dispatched to be!

Click above to donate! It literally can change a life!

For more information on how to partner with us contact us at:

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